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    Elisa Zuniga

    Elisa Zuniga

    “I’m a nutritionist from Chile trained by medical doctors. I’m devoted to helping you to live a healthier life and reaching your goals with Muniq!”

    Monique Soto

    Monique Soto

    “I’m trained by both medical doctors and registered dieticians, and my goal is to have the most positive impact that I can on the lives of the people that I work with!”

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    Resistant starch

    Don't Resist

    Resistant Starch

    All our products are engineered with our patented resistant starch fiber blend. It is clinically proven through a gold-standard trial to measurably improve your health, starting with the gut microbiome.

    • Balance Your Gut Biome
    • Stay Full & Satisfied Longer
    • Stabilize Blood Sugar
    • Enhance Energy & Sleep
    • Regulate Digestion
    • Improve Immunity & Inflammation

    Real customers, real results

    With over 2 Million products sold, here are just a handful of our recent reviews.

    Supergut works!

    Best product by far! It's changed my digestive system for the better already. I've tried numerous products to no avail but Supergut works!

    Fran P

    I've lost weight

    I don't feel as hungry and the fiber helps with digestion. I've lost weight combined with daily exercise.

    Nick V.

    Gut health improved tremendously

    I feel more energetic and my gut health has improved tremendously. Also my glucose levels are in range.

    Janet D.

    Filling for 4-6 hours

    The shakes are amazing. I love the taste and they are quite filling for 4-6 hours.


    Keeps my blood sugar down

    Supergut shakes are amazing. I am able to keep my blood sugar down and they taste great. I am so happy to have found these!

    Myla S.

    Tastes delicious and curbs cravings

    Supergut shakes taste delicious, and I don’t feel hungry or have the urge to eat or snack between meals.

    Pamela B.

    A game-changer for keto

    I follow a Keto lifestyle but struggle with regular/daily bowel movements. Then I discovered Supergut. It’s a game changer for my lifestyle and health.

    Denise L.

    Less hunger and better sleep!

    I am getting good results: more steady blood sugar numbers, less hunger, and better sleep!


    My A1C went down 4 full points

    I love the results! I have lost 10 pounds, my A1C is down to 9 from 13.1 and my glucose is down to 112 from over 300!! I am sooooo happy with these results.

    Amy J.

    Better sleep and cholesterol

    I found Supergut and continued working with a trainer. My A1C went to 5.9, I lost 35 pounds, and my blood pressure, cholesterol, and sleep apnea all improved!

    Jim G.

    Blood sugar is steady after only a week

    I have been drinking the shakes for only a week now and have noticed my blood sugar holding a steady pattern.

    Brion G.

    Helps my digestion and gut health!

    Supergut has been really getting things moving while aiding digestion and gut health!

    Raymond K.

    Zero cravings!

    I'm close to prediabetic and I'm hoping to not get any closer. Tastes delicious and fills me up for hours with zero cravings.

    Leveda W.

    Gut Balancing Nutrition
    for Any Lifestyle

    We've created evidence-based nutrition that tastes great AND delivers measurable health results.

    Free shipping
    100% money back
    100% money
    back guarantee

    Inspired by family,
    built by science

    I started Supergut in memory of my beloved sister, Monica, to empower everyone to reclaim and sustain control over their bodies. We work tirelessly to be the most evidence-based and transformative food company in the world.

    Marc Washington, Founder & CEO


    All Supergut products contain resistant starch, a specific type of dietary fiber that has been scientifically shown and clinically validated to balance the gut microbiome and reboot metabolism. Resistant starch is actually so effective in its ability to improve blood sugar control, digestion, sleep, inflammation and more, that we conducted a gold-standard, double-blind controlled clinical study to validate these health benefits.

    Here’s how it works. Our proprietary resistant starch fiber blend is very slowly digested, so instead of spiking blood sugar, it feeds the beneficial bacteria in your gut, positively altering the microbiome and delivering metabolic benefits throughout the entire body.

    In addition to Supergut’s resistant starch fiber blend, our shakes and snack bars also pack high-quality protein to keep you full, and all our products have no added sugar and low net carbs, and can adapt to any diet or lifestyle, including keto.

    Yes. In fact, Supergut products have such a powerful ability to positively influence many aspects of health — including blood sugar control, digestion and more — that we conducted a gold-standard, double-blind controlled clinical study to validate the health benefits of our patented resistant starch blend in our shakes. You can read all about our science and clinical study here.

    We’ve also tested Supergut Bars and Fiber Mix, with both products showing impressive results to reduce post-meal glucose response and help you stay satisfied.

    Science is paramount at Supergut and we’re always vigorously validating our products for their health-promoting potential, and keeping up-to-date on any and all cutting-edge research.

    All Supergut products have been meticulously designed to fit into any diet or lifestyle (including keto!), but we do have some helpful recommendations for getting started. And remember, all our products contain our proprietary resistant starch fiber blend that’s been clinically validated for its health benefits via a gold-standard, double-blind controlled clinical study.

    If you're looking for gut-balancing nutrition to keep you satisfied and help transform or optimize your health, a daily Supergut Shake is going to give you the best chance at long-term success.

    Supergut Bars are an easy, on-the-go way to get resistant starch in your diet, anytime, anywhere. Our bars are the perfect snack that keeps you full between meals while balancing your gut microbiome. Try 2-3 bars per day to maximize your health benefits!

    Supergut Fiber Mix is an unflavored, unsweetened version of our resistant starch fiber blend. It was designed as an add-to-anything, versatile powder that you can simply mix into your favorite foods or beverages like coffee, tea, oatmeal, soups, sauces, or baked goods to make any food a fiber-packed, blood sugar-balancing powerhouse.

    Many Supergut customers also add in a bar or fiber mix stick pack to their daily routine in addition to their daily Supergut Shake. And we have popular bundles of shakes and bars for additional variety and extra savings. You can truly make it your own!

    Resistant starch is a powerful type of prebiotic fiber naturally found in modest quantities in unripened green bananas, beans, whole grains, legumes and raw starches. This incredibly unique dietary fiber has been proven effective in hundreds of clinical studies to promote significant health benefits including gut health and digestion, glucose response and insulin sensitivity, sleep, inflammation and more.

    By definition, resistant starch is any starch that cannot be broken down in our digestive system. It literally "resists" digestion, and this allows resistant starch to arrive in your gut fully intact where it feeds your beneficial bacteria and works its magic to reboot your metabolism via the gut microbiome.

    All Supergut products contain our proprietary, patented resistant starch fiber blend, which has been formulated into our Shakes, Bars, and a versatile Fiber Mix to provide an essential daily dose of dietary resistant starch fiber.

    When you commit to a healthy daily habit with Supergut, you’re giving yourself the best chance at success. Whether your looking to optimize your glucose response, or if you’re aiming for a complete metabolic transformation, here’s what you can expect over the course of the first few months:

    Right away: noticeable changes within days!!
    • Stay full & satisfied
    • Stabilize blood sugar
    • Sustain energy levels
    Within a few weeks: Start feeling even greater benefits
    • Improve regularity and digestion
    • Better sleep
    • Improved mood
    Within a few months: Measurable results compound over time with consistent usage, as you strengthen your gut microbiome and reboot your metabolism.
    • Maintain a healthier weight
    • Reduce blood sugar (A1c) and cholesterol levels
    • Balance immune and inflammatory response

    All of these results are validated by our gold-standard clinical study, hundreds of peer-reviewed studies, and internal testing.

    For more details on how to increase your fiber intake the right way, read our blog article all about ramping up with resistant starch.

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