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    Ready to discover the life changing
    power of Supergut?

    Welcome to Supergut! Getting started with our Gut Balancing Shakes, Bars, and/or Fiber Mix is simple. We’re committed to helping you get the most out of your Supergut experience to maximize the clinically-proven health benefits that start from the gut microbiome.

    See below for tips on how to get started with specific Supergut products. The most important things to remember are:
    Start Slowly
    Remember to ramp up slowly over the course of your first week or two to introduce this goodness (packed with gut-balancing resistant starch fiber) to your gut. If you have a little minor digestive discomfort, that’s completely normal!
    Use Daily
    Committing yourself to a daily habit of getting resistant starch into your diet gives you the best chance at elevating your health benefits and rebooting your metabolism — and we have the science to prove it.
    Stick with It
    Long-term consistency is the key to sustaining and upleveling health benefits including glycemic control, sleep and digestion that start from the gut. The longer you commit, the more success you’re likely to see.

    How to use supergut

    How to use shakesHow to use shakes

    Supergut shakes

    A satisfying meal replacement that serves as your ideal foundation for better health and effective weight control. One Supergut Shake a day is the ultimate health hack to reboot your metabolism starting from the gut.

    Start with ½ shake serving and ramp up slowly over the course of about a week or two to a full Shake serving every day.

    To make 1 full shake serving, add 12oz of water (or milk of choice) and 1 cup of ice to a blender for an extra creamy shake (If you’re on the go, add the same ingredients to a shaker cup and shake vigorously). We recommend sticking to the basic recipe as you ramp up, then try shaking it up with one of our delicious shake recipes!

    Whenever works for you! Many use Supergut Shakes as a breakfast replacement, but you can also try replacing another meal or even trying a shake as a snack. Make it your own!

    How to use barsHow to use bars

    Supergut bars

    A delicious, gut-balancing snack that you can take anywhere. Hack your hunger and curb those stubborn cravings to keep you full until your next meal.

    Start with 1 bar serving and ramp up slowly over the course of about a week to as many as 2 or 3 bars in a day to enjoy extra benefits of improved gut health.

    Whenever you need a gut-healthy snack to keep your blood sugar balanced and hunger cravings at bay!

    How to use barsHow to use bars

    Gut Health Booster

    A versatile way to add Supergut’s clinically-validated, gut-balancing resistant starch fiber to virtually any of your favorite foods or beverages. Try it in anything from coffee to cookies, yogurt to oatmeal and pancakes to pesto.

    Start with 1 stick pack per day for about a week, and ramp up to 2 to 3 packs per day if desired for additional gut-health benefits.

    Simply pour 1 stick pack of Gut Health Booster per serving into any beverage, soup, sauce or baked good; stir well and enjoy.

    Any time of day with any beverage or meal. Try our recipes for some creative ideas!

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